Over the many years of experience we've had in the HVAC industry, we've noticed that the average homeowner has a limited understanding of the basic operation of even the most common of heating, cooling and water heating systems within their home. As a homeowner it's in your best interest to have this knowledge, especially when having to decide between purchase or repair options available to you when your current equipment is nearing the end of its life expectancy. As such, we've provided a few basic diagrams that show an easy to understand, simplified version of a few of these systems so you have the opportunity to make a more informed decision, when the time comes. These illustrations are for informational purposes only. Please keep in mind, that these are simple generalized overviews of standard configurations. These are not scale representations and may vary from the actual systems in your home.

Should you be experiencing a problem with any of your equipment, please do not attempt to fix the problem yourself. These are not guides for repair. Rather, call a licenced professional in your area.